Hoffmann Automotive is a Smog Test and Repair Center.

Test-and-repair stations are licensed by the state to provide Smog Check tests and repairs to most vehicles. Under current law, test-and-repair stations are prohibited from certifying repaired Gross Polluters or vehicles that have been directed to Test-Only stations for inspection.

What is the difference between a Smog Test and Repair Center and a Smog Test Only Center?


Smog Test Only Centers

Test-Only facilities are licensed Smog Check stations that, by law, are only allowed to test cars; they cannot repair them. Any needed repairs must be performed elsewhere at either a Smog Check station designated as a Test-Repair or Gold Shield station.

Gross Polluter

A "Gross Polluter" is a vehicle originally tested and having failed at a Test and Repair Center with emissions results high enough where it is labeled a "Gross Polluter" by the State of California. It then has to be certified at a Test Only Center.

The State wants to track these vehicles and their repairs, around one percent of vehicles are "Gross Polluters" the statistics show that they emit ninety nine percent of vehicle smog.